Metal-Pro Details

Metal-Pro Details

The Metal-Pro Software Solution is a fully integrated Windows, Linux or UNIX-based system designed for metal service centers, fabricators, distributors, producers and processors. The system provides powerful customer relationship management functions.

Created for companies with a high volume of over-the-phone orders and inquiries, the software provides vital information to sales/service representatives at the point of telephone contact. Users can inquire into inventory status, pricing, credit, purchasing account history information, etc. A complete solution, Metal-Pro includes modules for inventory, sales, financial and production management.

Metal-Pro automates important functions such as Unit-of-Measure Conversion, MTR Tracking, Document Imaging, Material Processing, Integrated Faxing, Tag Control, Inventory Tracking (by Weight, Length, Piece, Grade, Shape, Mill, etc.) and Mill Direct Shipments. It handles all types of inventory: bar, plate, sheet, coil, tube, pipe, beam, angle, etc. Metal-Pro helps improve sales and customer service, reduce accounts receivable and inventory investment, raise productivity, and much more. To meet these objectives requires a next generation integrated information management solution, not just a software package.

About Metal-Pro
Metal-Pro is more than software. Metal-Pro offers the complete solution: powerful software, on-site training and implementation services, design and customization capabilities. Learn more about the leading metal software.

Metal-Pro Modules
Metal-Pro’s modules combine to provide a complete metal services software solution. The following metal software modules are included:

Metal-Pro Features
Metal-Pro’s advanced features allow your metal services company to be more efficient. From integrated communications to software personalization to customizable on-line documentation, Metal-Pro was designed from the ground make every member of you team more effective. The following are some of the Metal-Pro standard features:

Metal-Pro Technology
Metal-Pro’s advanced technology allow it to be deployed Metal-Pro metal software in a variety of environments. Metal-Pro’s architecture allows you to deploy your metal services software on a Windows network, Linux network or a Unix network. Metal-Pro’s database offers high performance, easily accessible data, and rapid modifications. This saves you both time and money. The following are some of technical specifications of the Metal-Pro metal software.

Metal-Pro Customization
Metal-Pro knows that no two companies operate exactly the same. Metal-Pro can be easily configured to meet your metal services software needs. Metal-Pro metal software systems and staff have been built from the ground up with customization in mind.